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    Bobbi Ebsen

    A little about me: I grew up on a farm, in rural Nebraska-Kansas border, in an alcoholic & neglectful family system. I left at 19 yo, on my own, and found a lot of amazing helpers along the way.  I have found what works and what doesn’t.  I am down to earth and have a friendly, rational, pragamatic approach to treatment.

    My goal for you is to get you healthy as fast as possible. What I have found to be the fastest, most economical way to get better is through EMDR intensives.  In 5 hours you can clear away what could take a year or two to fix, in regular therapy.  It’s more money upfront but in the long run, EMDR intensives save you money and TIME, what’s more valuable then time?   

    I believe what leads people to seek therapy is the feeling of uncertainty about life choices, the ineffective behavioral and thinking patterns that are acted on over and over again. These patterns can show up in our relationship to ourselves, in relationship with others, with substances, and in our ability to belong, be visible, feel worthy. I approach therapy with the genuine belief that all people are worthy and capable of breaking these patterns and creating healthy relationships with themselves, with others and creating an enjoyable life.                                   

    I specialize in treating the full spectrum of: depression & anxiety disorders, including phobias, panic disorder, generalized anxiety, PTSD and major depression. I also specialize in relationship problems and recovery from substance abuse. I help adults to move into a time of change and experimentation on their own path towards increasing love & acceptance.                                      

    I am fully trained in EMDR through the EMDR institute. I use EMDR to clear away your traumatic memories through EMDR instensives, and provide supportive counseling to help you feel connected and a sense of belonging.  I also use CBT, DBT, systems, psychodynamic and supportive therapy.