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    Women’s Empowerment

    Stop Being Victimized

    Women get discounted so much in the world and it is stupid. How did we turn from the worship of women, to giving all the power to men? What do women want? We want our power back. We are afraid of the feminine because of how much power it has, think about it, what did people do during the pandemic, they cancelled their doctor’s appointments and found a therapist, a field dominated by women. But how many times in a day do you give your power away? There is always someone there waiting to snatch it up!

    In conflict, women often unconsciously give their power away, especially to the powerful people in their lives.  Many women wind up feeling frustrated, resentful and doing way too much, relegated to working in lower positions, trying too hard to build businesses, and suffering in relationships that are unsatisfying.
    Is this you?  Do you:

    • Apologize often, almost reflexively?
    • Nod, smile and agree without bringing forward your point of view?
    • Laugh at what’s being said even if you don’t really register it as funny?
    • Move out of someone’s way and then reflexively apologize for being in their way?

    Sure, it may have some positive benefits. You get, what? Positive attention? Better assignments from your boss? Don’t get yelled at or blamed for problems? You might be thinking, why should I change?

    Every time you give your power away you become a wuss. Stop being a wuss! There is so much power in the feminine, good power, nonviolent power. I want to help you turn on your assertive woman, your madwoman archetype and take some risks, expose your TRUTH! Women need to tell a new story, one of power, truth, honesty, authenticity and learn:

    Women can lovingly kick some ass!

    “There Is No Occasion For Women To Consider Themselves Subordinate Or Inferior To Men. Woman Is The Companion Of Man, Gifted With Equal Mental Capacity. If By Strength Is Meant Moral Power, Then Woman Is Immeasurably Man’s Superior. If Nonviolence Is The Law Of Our Being, The Future Is With Women.”
    -Mahatma Gandhi

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