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    Accepting, healing, empowering the lost feminine

    “The values of the feminine need to come forth…of the earth, the instincts, the individual…all that nurtures and sustains life.  Those values need to come forth, to re-emerge with their ancient feminine strength and passion.  Those values need to come forth and to voice…this time, not to be silenced by the oppressing, negating ancient patriarchy, but to speak clearly and firmly from the even more ancient flow of the Archetypal Feminine.”  by Judith Duerk

    I have a lot of great resources to help human beings who identify as female to explore their archetypal feminine.  Through a series of journal exercises, book recommendations, and being present to listen, see, witness your experience, I help you find deeper love and acceptance for yourself.

    I’m allied with women and people of various identities. I believe gender roles influence socialization and may impact a variety of issues that female-identified clients experience, like interpersonal relationships, career, aging, sexuality. We especially examine issues that relate to being female in male dominated professional spaces. 

    Women get discounted so much in the world and it needs to stop.

    Women can lovingly kick some ass!

    “There Is No Occasion For Women To Consider Themselves Subordinate Or Inferior To Men. Woman Is The Companion Of Man, Gifted With Equal Mental Capacity. If By Strength Is Meant Moral Power, Then Woman Is Immeasurably Man’s Superior. If Nonviolence Is The Law Of Our Being, The Future Is With Women.”
    -Mahatma Gandhi

    Women's support group